As a representative of Zhejiang business enterprises, our company participated in the 2017 Kazakhstan and UK industry matchmaking negotiations

2017-06-27 00:00:00 ZHEJIANG NEWFINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Viewd 110

In order to implement the national "One Belt One Road" policy and help enterprises build higher-level investment and trade cooperation platforms, the Zhejiang Council for the Promotion of International Trade recently organized more than 60 enterprises in the province to participate in the "2017 Kazakhstan-UK Industry Matchmaking Negotiation". As one of the representatives of six enterprises in Jiaxing, our company participated in the industry matchmaking meeting held in the two countries, and participated in the "Zhejiang Day" event of the World Expo held in Kazakhstan at the same time. Two other leading foreign trade companies in Jiaxing were accompanied by the same industry: Jiaxing Liangyou Import and Export Group and Zhejiang Xinwei Import and Export Company. Before the trip, Chairman Mao Xuerong of Jiaxing City Council for the Promotion of International Trade led a team to our company for investigation.