Nuggets "One Belt One Road"! Heqi docking with Kazakhstan and British industries

2020-09-10 14:06:52 ZHEJIANG NEWFINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Viewd 1889

In order to implement the national “One Belt One Road” policy and help enterprises build higher-level investment and trade cooperation platforms, the Zhejiang Council for the Promotion of International Trade organized more than 60 enterprises to participate in the industry "2017 Kazakhstan-UK Matchmaking Negotiation" held at the end of June. Six companies including Jiaxing Liangyou Import and Export Group Corporation, Zhejiang Newfine Industrial Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Shanghong Shelf Co., Ltd. will participate in the industry matchmaking conference held in the two countries, and will also participate in the World Expo "Zhejiang" in Kazakhstan. Day” event.

It is reported that since it was held in 2013, this theme matchmaking negotiation has become a key economic and trade event held by Zhejiang overseas. The Zhejiang enterprises participating in the event this year mainly involve industries such as textiles and garments, trade and logistics, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and fire protection and security. The "Jiaxing Team" participating in this event can be described as "strength and sincerity flying together." Zhejiang Newfine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading foreign trade export enterprise in Jiaxing City. Its main business is international trade, with an annual import and export volume of more than 180 million US dollars. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the company is actively exploring the Central Asian and surrounding markets, and this event is a good opportunity to go out and see the market. Zhejiang Shanghong Shelf Co., Ltd. is the top retail display, display, and warehousing solution provider in China. Participating in this event is mainly to prepare for the company's establishment of a business team in the UK and lease of large venues. Jiaxing Liangyou Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. has established a subsidiary in the UK three years ago to carry out foreign trade and brand operations. The UK will be developed and cultivated as one of the company's key markets in the future.