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2020-09-10 14:04:25 ZHEJIANG NEWFINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Viewd 1394

A bag of masks, a box of alcohol wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a large bottle of disinfectant are the "small gift packages" prepared by Zhejiang Newfine Industrial Co., Ltd. for employees to resume work and prevent epidemics. During the epidemic, the small practical gift packs made employees feel the care and love of the company.

On the eve of the resumption of work, NEWFINE quickly established an epidemic prevention vanguard composed of branch party members. The soldiers were divided into three groups to fight the "preliminary battle" of resuming work: one way was the material security team, equipped with protective masks, thermometers and other epidemic prevention and control supplies; For the safety and health team, take the lead in disinfecting key places such as office areas and canteens; there is also a way for the publicity and guidance team to provide safety tips through online channels such as public WeChat and employee WeChat groups. Wei Lijun, secretary of the party branch of the company, also reserved three offices as isolated observation rooms for emergencies.

After returning to work, NEWFINE, everything is in order, from temperature monitoring at the entrance, to batch dining in the canteen, daily company's epidemic prevention and elimination, and the distribution of masks. "In such a special period, only more detailed work can make employees have no worries." said Ren Qin, director of the NEWFINE office and member of the party branch organization.